Potato Crates and other new stuff


Drawing by ARCdesigns

French Potato Crate

This is not the best drawing in the world, but it gives a good idea of how to make the potato, or vegetable crate.  The 4 corner pieces (two are shown at either end of the long side) are made from 44mm x 18mm timber and are 250mm long.  The handle (top of drawing) is made of 44mm x 18mm and is 300mm long.  The two sides are four lengths of 44mm x 12mm timber, 450mm long. The ends, which are not shown are 44mm x 12mm and 300mm long.   5 base pieces are 44mm x 12mm and are 300mm long.  The handle is made up of two pieces that are 44mm x 12mm x 250mm long and two pieces of 44mm x 12mm x 150mm long.  The whole crate is fixed with wood glue and panel pins of suitable lengths.

Below is the finished article:

Photo by ARCphotos


At ARC we are very keen on developing craft skills: the students like it and are very involved in making a range of craft products.  The latest crafts that we are starting to develop is leather-craft: all simple stuff that we are working towards producing to a good standard, but it is still a work in progress, so far.  Nevertheless, Christmas is coming so you might just end up with something in your christmas stocking – who knows…


Photos by ARCphotos

If there is anything you like or want to suggest, please leave a comment.

Other News…

We are developing other services that you may be interested to know about, including a counselling service, so get in touch if this may be of interest to you as a carer or parent, or educational organisation.

We have long been offering taster sessions in various activities so that learners can get an idea what it is like to attend ARC for a course or just for a few activity sessions.  We are going to introduce a Hack-it day which is a project day in which a small group or learners come together to work on a project idea that they plan and execute in a day: a tremendously fun thing to do.  Again, get in touch if this is of interest to you.

Have a good week!

Here we are again: that’s the good news!

The best way to keep informed about news and new developments at ARC
The best way to keep informed about news and new developments at ARC


This is one of our chapter headings from our newest publication, “ARC in pictures” that should be out in November.  It is taken from a quote one of our students made on returning after the summer break, “ARC seems like such a happy place.”  We certainly think so and will continue to work towards ensuring that it remains a happy place – Thank you J.S. for your kind endorsement.

Cooking Sausage and Mash
Sausage and mash with onion gravy

Well, we are back and we’re cooking on gas! We had our first cookery session of the year last week and knocked up a banging sausage and mash.  The students chose the dish, shopped for the ingredients, prepared and cooked it all within the agreed budget.  We hope to bring back our monthly lunches as part of developing the ARC forum and will be inviting all sorts or guests to join us.  The first lunch will be on the 29th of September.  Anyone interested in joining us and becoming a part of the forum will be welcomed.  It is our hope and intention to get some strong people behind us to help  our Making Autism work project a success.  See the links at the bottom if you want to know more.

Photos by ARC
Photos by ARC
photos by ARC

I’m sure we never do enough of these little ceremonies that demonstrate the the achievements of our students and staff in getting awards and certificates for hard work and dedication.  But thanks to all our learners who achieved last year: 100% success to all of them!

Genuine leather belts

We are bringing out a range of new products to be made by the students this year, some of which will be advertised online.  We have a great product line that helps to provide good work experience and the acquisition of new skills and confidence in being able to bring a project or a product to market.  Amongst the old favourites we are introducing, leather crafts, crates and baskets, HiFi and workwear.

french potato crate
Red Card wallet
Cl;assic Card Wallet

If you want to contact us about anything you have read or just to have a chat, you can reach us on: 01752 600421 or 07984604625. Email: info@arc-plymouth.uk      http://www.arc-plymouth.uk




Life Skills and skills for Life

The best way to keep informed about news and new developments at ARC
Follow the link to our website The best way to keep informed about news and new developments at ARC


Study Skills, Negotiation Skills,

Functional skills, Employability skills,

Presentation skills, Leadership skills,

Organisational skills,

Time management skills,

Anger and Stress management,

Confidence building skills

Personal Presentation skills,

Personal development skills,

Interpersonal development skills,

Communication skills, Effective speaking and listening skills,

Relationship skills, Money management and budgeting skills,

Technology skills, Cooking Skills,

Practical skills.

These are the 20 life skills  deemed necessary to a well functioning person.  Perhaps there are no real surprises apart from leadership skills, a function that is assumed few people have.  Yet, if you think about it, for a moment, the key trait of leadership is the ability to be oneself.  Anyone growing up with ASC can do well to learn this ability, since being true to oneself, without feeling the need to be like someone else or part of a clan, with all of the necessity of group think and other conformities is difficult for anyone.  To feel that you are different, strange or otherwise out of the loop, without feeling anxious, takes great strength of character, yet offers great freedom to those who possess a singular strength of mind and the confidence to be and act according to their own mind and feelings about who they are.  Life skills, whatever else they offer, need to develop this strength of mind and surety or risk being meaningless.

ARC New week beginning 11 July 2016

Follow the Link to our web page

The best way to keep informed about news and new developments at ARC
The best way to keep informed about news and new developments at ARC


Congratulations to all of our students: you passed!!

A special mention to Calum who achieved more units than any other learner; well done.  We look forward to seeing you back in september.



Cookery School:

For schools look ahead to next year, why not consider booking a session or sessions in our cookery school?

We are experienced not only with ASC learners and young people with complex needs, but also in cookery and other professional areas where we can run a bespoke session, half day, full day or series of sessions in specialist subject areas.  In cooking, this might be cooking for independence, or bread making and patisserie, butchery, or fish, English, French and Italian cooking etc..  With a professional training kitchen and expert tuition, the sessions are fun and rewarding.  Supporting courses from Entry Level to Level 3 for groups and individual learners.

Other courses to consider are garment making, upholstery and a range of other craft, vocational and IT skills.

ARCnet: the ARC network.

Maya and Judith

ARCnet is looking for people to join our small group to develop ideas and promote excellent practice.

If you would like to join us or ask about coming to our next event, follow the link to the web page and click on contact us to leave a message or query.

One development we would be keen to explore and have been asked about fairly frequently is the setting up of short residential course for independence skills.  We would be looking to set up short, weekend type initiatives in the first instance for young adults with ASC who are between 19 and 24.  If you are a parent of a young adult in this age group whom you believe could benefit from such a course, get in touch via the website.  Watch this space for further information.

Welcome to ARC news, the best way to keep track of all we do at ARC



mastheadThe Online Blog for the Autism Resource Centre

This is the first issue of the ARC news blog, which will be different from the printed versions, but still contain the main information that we hope is helpful to schools, parents and other organisations who refer young people with ASC and other complex needs, to us.


One of the projects we are working hard is called “Helping to make autism work.”  In part we are leading our learners through a series of work-craft steps in various occupations, but underlying this is a more  structured approach to developing and improving executive function.  In this way, our young people are learning skills and better ways to use them in life and work.

Lyn and Mark

Over the years we have organised a lot of events involving hospitality and professional get-togethers.  We would now like to create an ARC network to enjoy some great food, made by our students, and a forum to discuss the needs of AS learners with members from schools, colleges and other organisations: look out for a forthcoming, inaugural invitation.

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